Fear be gone?!

Sometimes things you know that are good for you you refuse to do,

Partly out of the fact it scares the freaking hell out of you,

Partly as you think you would not be able for it, not good enough in mind, brain power, courage and spirit,

Sometimes you have to hit it straight on and do it anyway,

Fear holds many a person back as failure could occur,

The fear of failing is so high inside you and fills you with dread it pauses you and stops you going forward for something good for you.

Fear of the unknown is what really fills your heart with loud, fast pounding and the instinct to run and turn the other way.

Fear, go for what is good for you, even if dread and fear haunt you, make you shake inside,

For if you do not try, you do not know if you could have faced and coped with the very thing you know would be good for you.

If you fail, at least you had the courage to try and everyone should know; God loves a trier.


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