Mind calmer 

What calms my mind and thoughts of fear still there? What seems to make them mellowed?

The answer: listening to good tunes especially ones sent to you as surprises by a friend from over the sea. 

You can get lost in the melody, dance to its rhythm, or just relax to its tune. 

It brings a smile to my face, sometimes it makes me laugh. I become overwhelmingly happy in my own bubble to the beat and tune. A feeling nothing else can give me. Something to lift 8/10 dark moods and thoughts. 

Music, so pure, sensual and mind numbingly good, especially for my soul and mind. The memories a piece can bring up can enhance my feel good vibes. 

But caution; the odd tune can send you spiraling out of control in emotions, feelings so dark you lose yourself in hatred of who you are and more. Delete those tunes, for me the worst offender being hold on by Wilson Philips. Go ahead, stick with the ones to make you smile. 

When sad, blue, depressed stick on a good tune or 10. They might if you let them bring you up from down. For a time empty your thoughts to just those of smoothness like a sea on an all calm day. 


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