Spring And Summer Sun

Why does the sun awaken your soul? Make you feel up when you were so decidedly down and most definitely out.

How does it make your eyes shine, your soul sing, your spirit leap for joy?

It warms your skin but caution, it can turn from the sweet, friendly face you love to that of a burning demon to turn you red and feeling its power for days.

Barriers can be put up to ensure the happiness, friendly waves of loveliness from the sun as it shines does not part to turn demon coloured red.

It shines its rays on the earth engulfing many a thing in its warm rays like halos on their being. The sun makes the world look fresh and new, exciting in all its brightly coloured splender.

You begin to think clearer with more clarity. You feel more empowered and find it easier to face the world.

Birds sing with abundant joy, new life grows and frolics in the darkened green grasses and meadows. Flowers of summer bring rainbows to the eyes that behold them. Soft breezes their fragrance of heaven.

To my eyes the sun brings crystal lights so bright like auras forth to amaze my eyes with awe at its heavenly, angelic sight. A gift from our father to his children here on earth.

Life breaths a wonderful new and your face lights up with joy and widening smiles. But, once late spring and mother summer goes this seems to disappear once more.

Sunny spring, warm summer climes bring the you you love out for the world to see and for your whole self to enjoy. You are these seasons and wish they would never end, but with leaves falling, life of nature retreating so does your true spirit and soul until late spring awakens basked in sunny sunshine and love.


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