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Name of the game. 

To quote ABBA “so I want to know, what’s the name of the game?” but unlike ABBA I do not mean it in just terms of love.

The whole ABBA song, the name of the game is about romantic love, it’s ups downs and confusions along with built up emotions but for me it has other connotations.

For me it is about my relationship and others relationship with God, angels, saints. How for me it started out so unsure, trying to figure out my path in the religion I was born into. Confused about the life I was now in and those around me. How over time I started to wonder if I place my trust in God and begin to love him, let him in will he hurt me like others do? Will he love me back and make me believe in his love for me. What I learn from gospel readings, psalms, bible passages and religious stories are they are something I can learn lessons from to make me a better someone to others around. To show me I can be loved and cared for too.

These quotes below from the ABBA song sum up a lot of what I try to express about my love, trust, faith in God, Jesus, the angels, guides, holy Mary, archangel Michael, and St. Anthony. In them I am me, hold nothing back as they have me forever and I am part of them as they are part me. They are my life, my life is trusted in them. With them I have an outlet to say anything without judgement and know no matter what, they will be there loving me, wanting me, wishing me well, helping me in ways I see and thousands I don’t. But I love them like no others and would not wish a single day without their loving touches, influence and guidance. They are my family, I am part of their’s. Together we can make this world better. If it is better even for just one person and things become a bit more light from dark we will have done something to shine more holy love on this earth. We, hopeful have then, helped that person repeat the cycle to another.

God is us as we are God and in God I trust my spirit, my soul, my body and life.

I was an impossible case. No-one ever could reach me. But I think I can see in your face. There’s a lot you can teach me.

And you make me talk
And you make me feel
And you make me show
What I’m trying to conceal


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