IBS pain from food 

Eating is a thing we most all enjoy, 

With me, it fills me full of dread. 

Each time I eat soon after excruciating lower stomach pains, hours of my stomach talking and bloating. Some days flatulation sessions and lots of burps. 

I take newly prescribed medicine before I eat if 20 minutes to 40 before the pain once I eat is minimum, bloating none to little, I still get stomach noises and burps buy not hours of endless pain. 

Like tonight if I take the medicine and wat after 15minutes the pain after eating is so bad I want to scream, I want to rip my stomach out, it is so loud with movement inside too. Then comes silent flatulation which comes and goes. 

Dairy is a big killer and other goods trigger it to. I wish I could have normal bowels to eat without pain and look forward to my meals not react with fear. 

The curse of ibs and food. 


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