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Our Mind, It Shapes Who We Are. 

I have gone through much pain in my life. More than I have let anyone know. It is not just physical but mental anguish too. The mind is a powerful tool that can be your bestfriend but if the world around you shifts, alters too much it can breakdown and be almost your worst enemy.

Your mind as I stated can also be your bestfriend but, sometimes your only friend when others are not around or you cannot face talking to friends. I have gone through so much self loathing inner turmoil I played out in my mind, that at times became physical warning triggers. Triggers I can now, thanks to my mind identify early and keep at bay or reach out to a select few who know my pain.

Your mind is a tool so amazing and bright when you switch it fully on it links with your brain to help you learn, study, negotiate so much from; mastering subjects in school to how to live safely in the world around us and with the people in it.

Your mind shapes your personality, it tells you *light laughter* what subjects it adores so you adore them and those it struggles with and dislikes so you will too. The same with hobbies and interests.

Your mind is you, the part that helps you discern who you are, what you are about, your likes, dislikes . It even helps your body parts to know how and when to move by getting signals to its brain from the body parts that want to move. It even is the voice you hear in your head.

It gets signals from every part of you even your tongue to let you know what it adores, what it finds pleasant and nasty that you place on it to eat. As we know food feeds the brain and mind.

Your mind cannot be fully seen, it is like the spirit, something we know is there but never can we see it. Your mind is a scientific and medical mystery I believe one day will be solved.  It holds our brain but, is like another conscious within us guiding us as we learn.

It is so vast, so previous, vulnerable while also tough, it is to me like wide open green fields and hills. Full of potential, lots of growth, with ups, downs, twists, turns, stumbling blocks and rocks with much beauty to explore. No two minds are the same, each unique making each one of us special and individual.  Our mind can be beautiful, calm but darkness can shadow it. It can even talk to and be in conflict with itself. 

My mind tells me things to do I agree to or ignore. My mind is also a guide to my gut intuition and my conscious. It can influence my actions, in many many ways. It is part of me, shaping me and my life.

We must learn to care for our minds well as with neglect or poor care it can bring us down. Care for it, nurish it, nurture it right, it rewards you by helping you be the best you can be.


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