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Death Of Hope 

Listen to your mind as its sounds over lap like waves upon the ocean rushing in a storm to the shore.

The murky blues with greens violently crashing against the sand and rocks. It is like your mind fighting thoughts of ever deepening gloom.

Sunshine cries, lost in the deafening paths of everlasting struggles from above. It fights for survival only to set in the loneliness of its own shadow, knowing, each day it is fighting a battle it never can win.

Days come, days go, but the darkness never surrenders fully to the light. Even the light cries out in pain all too much, in days when darkness invades its very soul. Fighting a battle it surely, never can fully win.
Even in the light is threats of gloom, cutting short the view of hopefullness. Hopefullness that maybe never truly existed. Cutting a path you see, or, at least you think you did, for a truth of its loss into the obscure blackness, perhaps forever more. For as many know, nothing can escape the veil that hides everything, the eventual darkening of it all. Oh, light may try, but, in the end darkness prevails, snuffing out each spark of bright until nothing is left. Nothing but pitch black gloom, trapping any way for light to fight free.


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