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The enemy inside

Who would think the juice found in a cow could reduce so many people to breaking down inside and out?

From rashes to colds, migraines to runs, breathing problems to scales, systems reject the lactose it cannot breakdown in anyway it possibly can.

Lactose attacking a system like foreign aliens with phasers zapping humans in their path on earth.

The body fights out without time to think. How does it block this attack? It fights with what comes right in its sights. This leaves the host weak, vulnerable to furthering attack.

Tablets taken before each meal of food, lactase emzyne to take dairy out of any food we eat. A lifetime help or a lazy way to live?

Some just check the list, spend hours trawling through ingredients in a bid to leave lactose, dairy out.

But accidents can happen and lactase enzyme may be the help out.

Moo moo free, really has to be the way. But 10% who need it cannot live with Soya too. Soya manufactured in most ways a harm whether you need it or not.


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