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God and my guardians

Our world is not like an orange segmented. It is like nothing I can describe. For each day it surprises me, it brings happiness, sadness, shock or even awe.

I question a lot, what am I doing here on earth. I feel myself behind the eyes, that of this, the being surrounded by jelly like skin that only stays put due to the skeleton beneath.

But, the one thing I never need to question is God. 😊

I feel God’s love even in my lowest moments and, in my joy. I never forget God or the love God makes me feel that is directed to me.

I am part of God, God is therefore part of me. God is a parent to me, whom I look up to with a full heart, bursting with love, pride, and admiration.

One of the best gifts God bestowed on me was; seeing my guardians, these magnificent angels when I asked could I know I was truly loved and cared for.

My angels are my constant companions and best friends. They are part of God like me. We are children in God. We are friends on a path to make things better, to help me not screw up my life too much. To be better each day.

Angels of God my guardians dear,

To whom God’s love commits ye here,

Every this day and night be at my side,

To light, to guard, to rule, to guide,


Love from my heart that would be so lost without ye in it. For without ye I may not have even made it to this day.


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