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Sunshine of the Godful souls.

Life for me is not like a box of chocolates. Life is not tangible or something that can melt away in heat or disappear with time. It cannot go stale or need to be thrown out.

I see the happiest people you could imagine. But, deep in the depths of within them, they harbour the hurts so great that marked their world and others around them. They hide it inside to bring joy to others but are overlooked, these heroes that the world often and sadly forget.

The mothers working multiple jobs just so her family survives.

The kids, eating less, throwing away notes for school trips, birthday parties and more to spare their hardworking barely making ends meet parent/s that could not afford the expense.

The single people unable to work, not through lack of motivation or want that can send many on a spiral down. But, nobody seems to want the less experience, those who might end up being their best through their motivation for work.

Those in pain from physical ailments who get on with life as best they can, counting each day as a blessing. They have up days, they have crashing downs but love life, not taking it for a moment with the feeling of oh it is just there but something to treasure.

Those who have known terrible loss of love, grieve, hurt. Who, cry, scream and feel helpless but, ultimately get back up for others surrounding them to survive too.

Their hearts are pure, full of love, even in the hardest of times. I see God shinning through those souls, to bring God to others with their goodness whether they know or believe in it or not.

Life is; a gift, good to some, feels bad to others but, still a gift.

I see those with everything, those who have so little to complain about, complain the loudest and with the most anger from the heart. God not fully embraced.

I have seen the hardest of souls, some of whom complain the most about the least, humbled by those souls suffering so great but show sunshine from within.

God is working to bring his love to others, through others. To bring sunshine through the rain.

Evil and darkness try to end the love of souls for God but, in the end God will win out, snuffing the darkness, bringing light to those who choose to live within it. Those who choose to be surounded in it and the feeling of pure bliss it brings. Like a daffodil tilting its head up to the sun to bask in its warmth and glow.


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