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Nerves and God’s love

Butterflies πŸ¦‹ bubble into the tum, swirling around over not out,

Worry you hide from the outside out, worry you feel build deep from within.

You poker face and smile through the fear you cannot help but let it near.

Inside out, upside in, you tell yourself to let it in,

Keep it in, not have it out, let no one see your fear.

You walk around and let it out only when no one’s near.

Fear it brings, restless sleep, nerves it is. Nerves that still tell us, that we live, we breath, we cannot prepare for everything but try our best to show the world we are strong, stronger than we feel, strong enough not to let our nervousness control us, an example for others to follow.

An example that God; God still challenges us with new adventures, new obstacles, new bumps. New things so we learn, we grow, day by day to be braver if we can, learn from mistakes, learn new things we can pass to others like a piece of God from us to them. Passing knowledge of God’s love by helping others improve as they in turn teach us or/and others.

God’s seen through the loving encouragement we get from others. The information someone instills in us that make us think. The sympathetic ear, the warm embraces, the helping hand in times of trouble, even joy.

Everything good in the world is a gift, a message that God is love. We are part of that love and in turn part of God. We are God’s creation, God’s children. We are, without doubt lucky πŸ€ as we have a chance to know God each and every day.

Bad things happen, some horrendous but please, no matter how bad, never turn from God, for he will if we ask help us as best he can. A parent to us children, our friend, our confidant, one in us as we are in God.

We are each other, all bound by God I thank for love bestowed on me, telling me, I am never fully alone as when I call out God hears and God comes. It can be through a call from a friend, the tweeting sound of a glorious bird chorus or even the warm embrace of family, or angels come from above.

God loves us and we, we are his love.


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