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The Dandelion

A single solitary dandelion stands alone. She looks about her but no others does she see.

No friendly smile, no waving petals, no warm words of heartfelt hellos. She stands in a patch of pale, green grass that reminds her of newborn blades and their race to richness and healthy darkened greens.

She stands there, moved by the plight she finds herself in. Tears filling her and sadness to follow. She is alone, she is exposed to the elements with no protection. She is unable to move, trapped in the earth by her roots forcing her to stay.

She looks off far in the distance. Is it a mirage? Is it real? A group of brightly yellow dandelions dancing with sways. Sunlight shinning down like a spotlight on their stage.

Their gay laughter, their playful swaying moves, their whole selves lighted up from above like priceless works of art.

It is a dream? Is it just a wish projected from the mind? Or, is it a truth she cannot reach? Who knows? For stuck in time and in her place she can find no way to figure the mystery out. Another day, another lifetime alone, no other dandelions about.

Where was she before? How did she end up alone? Had others gone before?


One thought on “The Dandelion

  1. The way you articulated your thoughts by blending powerful imagery with the beauty of your emotions was absolutely outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words, according to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them ☺️.

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