Dracula fan fiction is stories of my imagining based on the NBC show Dracula.
I have made my own interpritation of the cannon story using Alexander Grayson aka Dracula and Lady Jayne as leading figures rather than Alexander and Mina Murray.

The scenario is; what if Lady Jayne, not Mina had been Alexander’s true love in his past when he was Prince Vladimir Tepes of Romania. How would this change the story that unfolds?

I will explore Lady Jayne’s past with the order, how they have treated her in this life as Lady Jayne and in the past over 400 years ago when she lived as Janice (Jan-eese) in that former life.
How did Alex as Vladimir come to meet Mina in her past life as Ilona? What came to pass to make the order Alex as Vladimir was once apart of turn against him and make him the monster he is today; Dracula? These and many more stories will be explored in my Dracula tales.


I have at present two categories of poetry;
1. Dracula, this is how I interpretate the emotions of the stories as if I am feeling the emotions myself.
2. Personal, this style explores my inner most thoughts, feelings, as well as dreams and reflections of the world around me.

In time I wish to also include here, fictional stories which will be 100% my own creation and not based on characters from any shows. These will showcase my passion for drama, mystery, suspense and romance.

I hope once you read my posts you will enjoy them and return weekly for more installments of my stories as well as some poetry. 😊