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Social Media, beware? 🤔

Social media if followed with caution can be a gift. For me it brought tears, ups and downs as I entered it to join a group, one of many where we wrote as historical characters, took in their role and told their true stories. It brought hatred, bullying from other groups, love from others, switching… Continue reading Social Media, beware? 🤔

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Nerves and God’s love

Butterflies 🦋 bubble into the tum, swirling around over not out, Worry you hide from the outside out, worry you feel build deep from within. You poker face and smile through the fear you cannot help but let it near. Inside out, upside in, you tell yourself to let it in, Keep it in, not… Continue reading Nerves and God’s love

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Sunshine of the Godful souls.

Life for me is not like a box of chocolates. Life is not tangible or something that can melt away in heat or disappear with time. It cannot go stale or need to be thrown out. I see the happiest people you could imagine. But, deep in the depths of within them, they harbour the… Continue reading Sunshine of the Godful souls.

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Evil Versus Light

I stare into the bleakness of civilisation, the underbelly of life. I see the darkness within souls that seemed so pure, well maybe not pure but not capable of such black and evilly intended acts as they portray to their chosen targets. Words and actions tell a lot about the person a soul encompasses. The… Continue reading Evil Versus Light