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Evil Versus Light

I stare into the bleakness of civilisation, the underbelly of life. I see the darkness within souls that seemed so pure, well maybe not pure but not capable of such black and evilly intended acts as they portray to their chosen targets. Words and actions tell a lot about the person a soul encompasses. The… Continue reading Evil Versus Light

Dracula Fan Fiction

One Step Ahead (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 3, Part 3)

Alex got back to Carfax Manor shortly after 2am. He was greeted as he walked down its main corridor his footsteps echoing, braking the silence to a very annoyed looking Dr. Van Helsing. “I hope the blood supply was worth it Alexander. Could you not go one more day without sinking your fangs into another… Continue reading One Step Ahead (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 3, Part 3)

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Snow 🌨 from God. 😊

Like a triangular prism with its five faces, the world to me is closed in but not all squared up but in a shape unusual in this anatomy. The world is not straight, it is not perfect, nor a glass square with the earth inside, like a bubble protecting its contents from outside harm. It… Continue reading Snow 🌨 from God. 😊